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Buying a house or land to built on in Corfu, like in most other EU countries is subject to legalities and paperwork .
First It is necessary to appoint a lawyer, who will check the title of ownership and ensure that there are no mortgages or taxes outstandingor other legal encumbrances attached to the property.
Kassiopi Accountings can, if requested, make recommendations for an appropriate lawyer with whom we have been working for many years andliaise with him/her on your behalf.

Your lawyer would also be responsible for the appointment of a notary public who prepares the necessary Final Contract in conjunction with him/her.
Once the sale has been completed, it is the Notary who registers it with the Land Registry, retains a copy of the Final Contract and gives you certified copies of it.
A notary public is a government-appointed lawyer who processes and certifies all real estate transactions, including drawing up and reviewing all official documents, to ensure the legal transfer of the property.

You are required to obtain a Greek tax number (AFM) ( which is mandatory for all buyers, including foreigners and permanent residents abroad) prior to the final contract being signed.




and building management

Property Management

Our company, provides homeowners and/or those who wish to build a new house,
management service in Corfu.
We offer a building management service to assist you with the construction or renovation
of your property and a full property management service that includes maintenance,
contacting public servises, payrolls etc.
It is designed to give you full control during a construction period and following completion, knowing that the project or property is managed by a professional as we have experience of the local market in building project management and property management,
There are engineers, architects, construction companies, lawyers and notaries available at your services.

Building Project Management

If you wish to build a villa/house or to renovate your property and want to have a problem free project, it is important to have an experienced company to support you, who knows the Greek regulations at a local level.
The construction of a new house,is a bit complicated in Greece.
The processes are handled in a different way, different building laws and rules.
Also local rules and regulations make people that plan to build often experience discomfort . Read more...

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